I know the plans I have for you... -Jeremiah 29:11


BrickHouse Family Ministries, Inc. is a Christian residential home and school on a farm setting for teenage boys, ages 13-17. We provide a Christ-centered home where teens in crisis can find hope and healing through ACADEMIC, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, and SPIRITUAL development, while promoting family restoration and reunification through parental involvement.

Our residential home for up to five teenage boys is located on a working farm, on the Northwest edge of Bluffton, Indiana. Families come to us for various reasons. They are in some kind of crisis relating to their teenager’s behavior. Most of the teens are behind in school. Our teacher, houseparents, counselor and staff work together to help each teen develop to their maximum potential as they work their way through the Biblically based program, designed to correct negative behaviors and to heal fractured family relationships. On average, residents stay at BrickHouse Family Ministries for 12-18 months, depending on their individual progress and initiative.

The BrickHouse Family Ministries residential program is dedicated to modeling a Christ-centered family environment for the teens. The teens eat family-style meals together that are cooked in the residential home. They help with meal preparation, chores and clean up. The houseparents and the teens participate in family activities such as daily devotions, recreational activities, meals, chores and daily farm related chores and activities. They participate in nearly every aspect of life on a working farm. Whether they are moving cattle or baling hay, the teens are learning to address the struggles in their own lives that have brought them to BrickHouse Family Ministries. Chores, duties and responsibilities are only a part of their healing process.

Teens attend our private school that offers a state accredited, on-line education, featuring the APEX Learning Curriculum through The Crossing Educational Center. Most of our teens are behind their regular grade level when they come to BrickHouse Family ministries because of poor attendance and lack of motivation. In our program, they can make up courses and improve their academic level. Upon arrival, each student is given a diagnostic test which determines an appropriate placement level for each course. Students are able to achieve according to their individual initiative and potential.

The farm component is a key element BrickHouse Family Ministries. Each teenager is responsible to care for the farm animals. Some of the farm related activities include: baling hay, feeding the animals, rotating the cattle to different lots, and cleaning pens. Another element of farm life is the self-serve farm store located on the farm that our teens help to maintain. Residents are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the store as well as tracking inventory and learning many business related skills through our subsidiary company, BrickHouse Farms, LLC.

Once a teen has completed our Residential Program he will begin our AfterCare program. We found that many of our young men continued to struggle when they return home, so our AfterCare program is focused on helping them maintain the positive changes they made while in the residential program. We walk alongside the young men helping them develop a college or career plan for life after high school, which helps to give them a sense of purpose. We also help them develop relationships with positive influencers in their communities, such as youth groups and other support systems, which help them achieve the plans they develop for themselves.

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